Did You Catch This Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ Plot Flaw In The Premiere Last Night?

melisandre necklace game of thrones


If you haven’t watched the season six premiere of Game of Thrones, this is your warning to stop reading – spoilers ahead!


Last night’s premiere episode of Game of Thrones gave us one huge shocker that everyone is talking about: Melisandre ain’t the hot red head we thought she was – at least, not always. The final scene showed the Red Woman, who is questioning everything she knows after seeing Jon Snow’s dead body despite a vision via some flames of him battling in the snow at Winterfell. She disrobes, which is NBD in the world of Game of Thrones, but when she takes off her jeweled necklace…well, you saw an old, decrepit woman in her place.


Obviously Melisandre is much older than she usually appears, and her necklace clearly has something to do with keeping up her young appearance. After all, the jewel changes color as soon as she takes it off and she’s always wearing that stunner.

Or…is she?

After running a quick Google search for “Melisandre naked,” I came across a photo from season four when Mel is in a bath…sans necklace.

melisandre without necklace


Let’s not forget that a necklace played a crucial role before when Sansa’s necklace contained the poison that killed Joffrey at his own wedding. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Melisandre’s favorite accessory was more important than it seemed…

I couldn’t find another photo of Melisandre not wearing the necklace, so was this a big oopsie or is there something besides the necklace helping to keep Melisandre’s good looks in tact? After I posted a similar pic on Twitter immediately after the episode, I got a lot of feedback from people with their theories. Some people were so defensive that they suggested she was wearing the necklace on her ankle during bath time…

Think #GameofThrones will ever explain this pic of our girl Mel SANS NECKLACE?! #plotflaw pic.twitter.com/pGaYbtw4fR

— Steph Petit (@stephpetit_) April 25, 2016

Redditors have also come up with their own theories.

Grrionfire: Yeah, in that bathtub scene she talks about the smoke and mirrors she uses to make people believe in her. The only person looking at her in that scene was Selyse, a devout follower. So maybe she used some other trick… Or… Maybe Selyse could always see the red woman as she was. She never seemed concerned that this sexy lady was tempting her hubby all the time. Hmmmm.

It could have something to do with her question of faith, but if you ask me, the GoT props department is getting a scolding.

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