Styles Of Stars Hollow: The Best Looks From ‘Gilmore Girls’ & How To Wear Them Today

There’s no shame in a Gilmore Girls marathon. Now that Netflix is hip to the hit series that debuted in 2000, you can recount seven seasons of Lorelai and Rory wardrobe dos and don’ts. While there are certainly some style moments that can make you cringe (Hello, Lorelai), there are still plenty of fashion moments worth remembering and repeating. Here are some of favorites from season one.

1. Ribbed Turtleneck

That maroon ribbed short-sleeved turtleneck Rory dons in season one immediately triggers a rush of late-’90s, early 2000s nostalgia—the comforting kind that makes you first wonder what ever happened to cozy, short-sleeved ribbed turtlenecks and, second, decide to bring it back ASAP.

2. Black Combat Boots

The first sign we as an audience receive that Rory is a cool chick definitely comes when she appears in black combat boots. It’s the kind of accessory that sets the tone for the rest of the wardrobe sets this Catholic schoolgirl apart from the squares.

3. Slouchy Socks with Black Stockings

To be worn exclusively with black combat boots, of course, we have the pairing also of slouchy, scrunchy socks over black stockings—a look that we hope will never fade away. Thanks for keeping it alive, there, Rory.

4. Oversized Sweater

Nothing welcomes in the winter season quite like a cozy, oversized sweater, and Rory proved this to be true with her classic ivory-colored cable-knit variety.

5. Chokers

If Gilmore Girls had to be renamed, they probably could have gone with Girls with Chokers. From tops with a built-in choker effect (take a bow, Lorelai) to your traditional black choker, the Gilmore girls worked it every time.

6. Denim Jacket

Will the denim jacket ever go out of style? We think not. Much applause goes to mother Lorelai on carrying the torch of the hallowed blue jean waist jacket to the next generation and to Rory for giving her denim some very indie flair in the form of buttons.

7. Fair Isle Sweater

Rory’s Euro cottage chic look is never so refined as when she wears a pretty Fair Isle sweater. And it’s a classic style that is still a super sought-after vintage look.

8. Leather Jacket

Lorelai may have made some fashion faux pas—this much is too true—but she was redeemed every time she appeared in a black leather waist jacket. A mom that gives her teen daughter coffee and knows how to rock black leather equals a cool mom indeed.

9. Retro Tees

Baby doll-style T-shirts, both short- and long-sleeved, reign in Gilmore Girls. But we are particularly fond of the time when Lorelai rushes to her father’s side in the hospital while wearing a retro-print bowling and roller rink top.

10. Homemade Formal Dress

The episode that sees Rory attending her first dance is one for the ages—not because she and Dean were busted asleep in a yoga studio, but because of her dress. When Rory needs something to wear to the formal, it is suddenly revealed that Lorelai is a baller seamstress, and she rustles up a dress pretty enough to impress the very hard-to-please Emily. So very Pretty in Pink, yes?

What are your favorite Lorelai and Rory fashion moments?

Kelly Rae Smith writes about pop culture and fashion for eBay, where you can find a variety of clothing and styles to recreate the best looks from Gilmore Girls.

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