Justin Bieber Has Finally Cut Off His Dreadlocks & His New Hair Is Amazing

It’s about time that Justin Bieber said goodbye to those awful dreadlocks of his.

Bieber debuted his fresh hair cut on Instagram Friday, much to the positive response from his fans. “Way better,” one Belieber commented while another follower wrote, “thank the Lord.”

While the musician did not caption his shaved head selfies, one photo shows the singer brushing his hand through his new haircut with a brooding smolder that only the “Sorry” singer could effortlessly accomplish.

Earlier this month, Justin shocked his fans with his most drastic hairstyle to date: dreadlocks. In his recently shared Instagram video, he addressed his fans’ dislike towards the hairstyle, writing, “Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you.”

He knew exactly how much Beliebers did not like his dreadlock look. He recalled in the video, “Yeah, some girl came up to me, she was like, ‘I love you, Justin, but that’s like my least favorite hairstyle of yours.'”

Look: someone had to say it. That hairstyle was a crime against humanity. Now? Well, now, we can go back and fawn over Justin Bieber‘s music and his good looks without shame.

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