Bert And Ernie Are STD-Free, According To Bizarre New Ad

Remember Sesame Street? Of course you do. The wholesome show you once watched as a kid while munching on Lunchables is now threatening a company for suggesting Bert and Ernie have STDs.

Mately, the makers of an at-home testing service for people with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, have been using Bert and Ernie in a campaign to promote their company. There’s just one itty bitty issue: they never got permission to use them.

Hello, isn’t this business 101?! You can’t just steal sh*t.

Bert and Ernie have been rumored lovers in the past, even though Sesame Street insisted they were just best buds. Hence why the employees at Mately thought they were pretty clever.

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

The advertisement says, “See Ernie, you’ve got nothing to worry about, everything is positive!” and the company’s tag line is, “Help us take STD testing out of the Stone Age.” Yikes.

A spokesperson for Sesame Workshop told TMZ, “The Mately ad is an unauthorized, unlicensed use of our characters. We will be contacting Mately and the appropriate parties with a cease and desist letter instructing them to take this down.”

Aka they’re threatening a cease and desist. Luckily, Mately got the message and took appropriate action.

“We sincerely apologize if we offended anyone or if any images were use inappropriately,” said Brandon Greenberg, CEO of Mately. “This was inspired from an image that was obtained from a meme circulating around social media. This was by no means part of an advertising campaign intended to tarnish the Sesame Street brand, but we recognize the issue and all versions of this image have been removed from all Mately websites and social media pages.” Those damn memes.

The lesson here? Don’t mess with Big Bird and his fam.

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