He Cheated, So She Totally Destroyed His $130,000 Range Rover

range rover


We’ve seen jilted lovers get revenge by damaging their exes’ cars before, but he must have screwed up royally to deserve having a $130,000 car completely destroyed.

The unfortunate car owner came out of Harrod’s, AKA London’s most popular department store, to find his baby had been covered in red spray paint with “cheater” and “hope she was worth it.” Plenty of passersby were able to snap pictures of this scene that seems straight out of a crappy rom-com starring Matthew McConaughey as a playboy who changes his ways after falling for a no-nonsense waitress (or something).

No word on exactly who the artist is, but we can safely assume it’s soon-to-be ex who is over this guy’s ways.

To make matters worse (yes, it’s possible), the dude also got a $180 parking ticket because he left the car on double yellow lines.

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