Total D-Bag Asks The Girl He Just Broke Up With For Her Friend’s Number…Seconds Later

girl texting mad surprised


Sometimes honesty is the best policy. Sometimes it’s better to let someone down easy. A breakup usually calls for the latter, but no one told that to this guy.

Liam Williams really botched this breakup with his girl Loz. Not only did he do it via text, but the conversation started because Loz caught him talking to another chick. And then…well, believe it or not, it gets worse from there.

The grey texts are Loz while Liam’s are blue.

To clarify, “CBA” mean “can’t be arsed.” It’s like slang, from… England. As in, stop trying to make CBA happen – it’s not going to happen.


“Nah” via text. That isn’t a slap in the face or anything. But it gets worse.


No. Just…no.

Liam’s sister Annie Williams found these texts so hilarious that she shared them on Twitter, where they quickly caught on – presumably for Liam’s cringe-worthy relationship tactics.

If I were Loz, I’d say, “He’s all yours, Jess. Have fun.”

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