Kylie Jenner Has Just Made Her Music Debut

Taylor Hill/Getty Images.

Kylie Jenner, who has silenced rumors in past that she was pursuing a career in music, just started one. Rapper Lil Yachty and producer Burberry Berry dropped a song called “Beautiful Day,” which features both Kylie Jenner and the¬†Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood¬†theme song.

Yes, your childhood is about to be crushed. You can listen to the track below via Soundcloud.

I have very little else to say about this “song” other than that I am shocked and appalled. I have never heard of Lil Yachty or Burberry Perry – and frankly I could have gone my entire life without hearing this monstrosity.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood¬†is a sacred children’s television show. You can’t just corrupt it in the name of art! But, I digress.

Kylie comes into the song towards the end (you’ll thank me later for sparing your ears from the four minute torture) as she says, “Jordyn, come on, I’ve never been on a song before! This is a f*cking–” It then dissolves into a electronic vocal monstrosity.

She also threw in the use of the N-Word for some reason. I’d like to remind all of you that Kylie Jenner is not Black and should not be using that word – in song or otherwise.

Happy listening!

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