Taylor Swift Had An Epic Dance Battle With Tom Hiddleston At The Met Gala

Getty Images

What exactly happens inside the Met Gala is a bit of a mystery, but one thing is for sure – it’s a party. At the 2016 ball, The Weeknd and Lady Gaga performed for the likes of MadonnaBeyonce, and more of the Hollywood’s elite, but the contenders for biggest partiers seem to be the odd pair of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

From videos that are surfacing, it looks like Taylor took her mom-like moves normally showcased at awards shows to the Met Gala dance floor with the Thor villain.

First, the pair got down to Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.”


Then, T.I’s “Bring Em Out” got them going.


Forget Lip Sync Battle – now I want to see stars duke it out in a dance battle. First contestants: Tom and T. Swift.

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