A Teen Did What Anyone Would Do If $4.6 Million Was Mistakenly Transferred To Her Bank Account & Now She’s In Deep You-Know-What



Most of us wake up to find that we spent way too much at the bar last night. What if instead you woke up to find that $4.6 million dollars had been mistakenly transferred to her bank account as an overdraft?

This wasn’t some dream for chemical engineering student Christine Jiaxin Lee, now 21 and living in Australia. It really happened, and she did what any teen would do – spend the money on handbags and “luxury” items.

Christine Jiaxin Lee photos

Christine Jiaxin Lee/Facebook

Four years later, Christine was finally caught. She was arrested at the Sydney Airport and charged with dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception and knowingly dealing with the proceeds of crime. She now reportedly owes $3.3 million to her bank.

Turns out that she found out the police were trying to contact her about the situation, so she arranged to get an emergency Malaysian passport so should could leave the country without dealing with her spending. Now her passport has been suspended and she has to check in with Australian cops twice a day until her hearing on June 21.

If any of you claim you wouldn’t have spent a dime of that money and reported it right away, you’re a liar. If someone wants to mistakenly give you almost $5 million, who are you to say no?


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