Taylor Swift Made A Butt Load Of Money Last Year

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is going straight for world domination – I’m convinced.

The singer spent 2015 on the 1989 World Tour, and her hard work earned her a killer paycheck. In fact, T. Swift topped Billboard.com‘s list of highest paid musicians of the year.

Just how much money does it take to rule the music world? Just a cool $73.5 million.

The tour brought in the most cash – $61.7 million, specifically, Billboard reports. In addition, Taylor pulled in $7.2 million from sales, $564,000 from streaming, and $4.1 million from publishing royalties.

Coming in a distant second is Kenny Chesney with $39.8 million, but Taylor’s numbers aren’t the only impressive ones on the list. Adele got the #9 spot with $20.5 million, but let’s not forget that Adele’s single “Hello” didn’t come out until October, meaning that sum came in only three months. Not too shabby.

Who else made the cut? See the full top 40 at Billboard.com.

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