Joe Jonas Girlfriends 2022: Who Is Joe Jonas Dating Now?

Joe Jonas has evolved from the nerdy boy band member to a handsome man who creates music that we are no longer ashamed to admit that we like.

I’m sorry, but even as a teeny-bopper, admitting that you liked the Jonas Brothers was kind of embarrassing. DNCE, however? We’re already lined up to buy tickets to their The Greatest Tour Ever shows (although it is a bit of an arrogant name for a band’s first tour ever).

Despite being a third of one of the most embarrassing bands ever-conceived in human history, Joe Jonas is a man of many talents. He’s a musician and he’s an actor. Frankly, there’s not much not to love.

Not shockingly, the man has had women falling at his feet ever since he stepped into the music industry at the tender age of 16. Let’s take a look at his list of lucky ladies, shall we?

Mandy Van Duyne 2005-2005

Joe Jonas Dating History


Mandy Van Duyne was one of the girls who grew up alongside the Jonas brothers. Joe Jonas and Mandy only dated for a few months because the two realized “that as much as [they] loved each other, [they] were better off as friends.”

AJ Michalka 2005-2006

Joe Jonas Dating History

Back when people still had MySpace, AJ Michalka (Of Aly & AJ fame) used to blog about her relationship with Joe Jonas in 2005. They were together until 2006 when they decided to call it quits.

Taylor Swift 2008-2008

Joe Jonas Dating History

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas began dating when Swift was just entering the entertainment business. In the summer of 2008, Swift could not stop gushing about dating the Jonas brother, saying, “He’s an amazing guy. Anyone would be lucky to be dating him.”

However, Jonas allegedly broke up Swift over the phone and left her for his “Love Bug” video co-star, Camilla Belle. Yikes.

Camilla Belle 2008-2009

Joe Jonas Dating History

David Aguilera/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic.

Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas began dating in October of 2008. However, the couple did not last as they broke it off in the summer of 2009 – not even making it a full year together.

Demi Lovato 2010-2010

Christopher Polk/Getty Images.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas met on the set of Disney Channel’s movie, Camp Rock. Lovato confirmed her relationship with Jonas in May 2010 after rumors about the two began to circulate. They became Disney’s “it couple” until Jonas broke up with Lovato.

Lovato was the first to announce the breakup news when she tweeted about their split on Twitter. Jonas, despite the break up, said that he would always be there for the singer. No word on whether he stayed true to that statement.

Ashley Greene 2010-2011

Kent Phillips/Disney via Getty Images.

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas’ relationship was kept private until pictures began to appear online of the two out and about holding hands. They met through mutual friends and had what Greene called a “traveling relationship.”

Due to their conflicting schedules, Jonas and Greene could not stay together anymore and they broke it off in February 2011.

Blanda Eggenschwiler 2012-2014

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for EFG.

Joe Jonas began to date Blanda Eggenschwiler in November 2012 after being introduced by a mutual friend. They broke it off in July 2014 and said it was a mutual decision.

The reason for the split, however? Jonas wanted to be single and they just wanted to do different things.

Gigi Hadid 2015-2015

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Global Lyme Alliance.

Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas were friends for years before she started to date the singer. The two were not shy about showing off their affection in public. However, as Gigi began to travel the world for her modeling career and Joe began to focus on his music, the distance took a toll.

A source reports that the split wasn’t dramatic – but Joe Jonas un-following Gigi and Zayn Malik on social media following their relationship going public may say another thing entirely.

Sophie Turner 2016 – Present

Joe Jonas is officially engaged! After dating for over a year, Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner took everyone’s fave JoBro off the market officially. They announced their wedding on Instagram with matching pics of her ring.

Congrats, Joe!


After one year of dating Joe Jonas is engaged to Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner and they are having a good run together.


Joe Jonas is currently engaged to fiancée Sophie Turner and they both plan to get married soon in this summer 2019.

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