Justin Bieber Is Being Sued Because He Can’t Chug Beer & Smashed A Phone

What happens when you mix alcohol, Snapchat, and Justin Bieber? Nothing good, apparently.

The Biebs had a show in Houston on April 9th and decided to go out for some post-performing drinks, specifically Cle nightclub. Unfortunately for the 22-year-old, he underestimated how much beer he could really chug using a beer bong (a funnel used to chug beer)- and Robert Earl Morgan caught it all on video.

“Unfortunately for Bieber, he was clearly a novice because as he attempted to chug his beverage through the beer-bong,” the lawsuit reads, “[He] miscalculated the amount of beer he could intake and beer spilled all over himself, his clothes, and on his face.”

Subtle shade, nbd.

Needless to say, Bieber was less than thrilled it was recorded and posted to Snapchat, so he did what any logical, drunk 22-year-old with a sh*t ton of money would do- smash the phone to smithereens.

“Before Morgan could say anything else,” the suit continues, “Bieber smashed Morgan’s telephone into pieces and had his security detail toss Morgan out of the area where Bieber was located.” It also states that Morgan said he would delete the Snapchat, but that wasn’t good enough for his security.

Now Morgan is seeking $75,000 worth in damages because when he went to look for his SIM card, he couldn’t find it. He claims he lost sentimental photos, like his grandmother’s 100th birthday.

Way to go, Bieber! Practice your beer chugging skills next time.

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