25 Rihanna Lyrics That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption

Rihanna is the queen of catchy beats and melodies as well as repetition. If you ever need to quickly learn a song to perform, make sure it’s by Rihanna because you’ll have the lyrics memorized in five seconds or less.

With that being said, Rihanna entered the music industry at the young age of 15-years-old. She’s got innumerous awards for her work under her belt, eight full-length records, multiple business endeavours and is a philanthropist, you know, as one does.

That’s something to be respected – and if you can’t respect her hustle, then now would be a good time to leave this article.

Eight records, my friends, eight. With eight records, that means you have plenty of lyrical content to choose from (and I am not even factoring in all of Rihanna’s dozens of features on other artists’ songs) to use in your next Instagram caption. If you’re feeling like a bad b*tch in your next selfie, well, you better be choosing a Rihanna lyric. She’s not called Bad Girl RiRi for no reason.

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