Justin Bieber Got A Face Tattoo, So There’s That

Today in slow Monday news, it appears Justin Bieber got a face tattoo. Before your jaw drops too low to the floor, it’s pretty much microscopic and looks a little bit like he got a paper cut on his face. Can you spot it? 👀


If you can’t, don’t be too disappointed. The 22-year-old singer has been open about his tats in the past and has always sworn off getting a face tattoo until he was older – because that’s obviously when it becomes more appropriate, right?


When asked by GQ in February if he’d ever get ink on his face, he responded, “Maybe when I’m really old, but not super old. Maybe like 40s or 50s or something.” Apparently he couldn’t wait that long.


His tattoo artist, Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena (the same guy who created an equally microscopic tattoo on Kendall Jenner) revealed to Us Weekly that the cross tattoo “represents his journey in finding purpose with God.”

Good for you, J Biebs. You’re still hot, but you’re also still an idiot.

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