Olsen Twins Net Worth 2018: How Much Are Mary Kate & Ashley Worth Right Now?

Those of us who identify as ’90s babies basically grew up with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. We read The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley religiously, saw every film they starred in, and yes, we even shopped their Walmart clothing line the minute it hit stores.

Since their acting days, the Olsens have moved on to the world of fashion, designing two clothing lines that have become favorites of the fashion crowd: Elizabeth and James and The Row. With such success in the fashion industry (apparently, it turns out there actually are people who can afford a $35,000 The Row backpack), it goes without saying that the Olsen twins are making tons – but exactly how much are they worth?

The Olsen Twins’ Net Worth as of 2018: $300 Million

Here’s a breakdown of how MK and A made their millions.

1986 – 1995

The Olsens got their start in the spotlight super early. They were cast as Michelle Tanner in the series Full House when they were only six months old after being the only babies who didn’t cry during the “audition.” Because of child labor laws, the twins took turns playing Michelle. Fun fact: they almost left the show after the end of the first season because their mother was worried about the twins having a normal childhood, but a large salary raise offered by the producers of the show changed that quickly. The twins reportedly made $80,000 an episode, and considering that the show aired for nine years, we’re guessing that’s not too shabby of a salary for sisters who hadn’t even reached their tenth birthdays yet.

At this time, the Olsens also began starring together in other movies that you probably saw as a kid like Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and How the West Was Fun – which only probably added to their hefty Full House income.

1996 – 2004

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In 1996, Mary Kate and Ashley made their feature film debut in It Takes Two (think The Parent Trap but with the Olsen twins as stars), which made $19 million at the box office. *Cha ching.* It was also at this time that the Olsens began their series You’re Invited to Mary Kate and Ashley’s… which had 10 releases in which the Olsens hosted everything on-screen from a sleepover to a fashion party. In 2004, their final film together, New York Minute, made $21.3 million in the box office.

During this time, the Olsens also took on side hustles guest starring in various shows like All My Children, 7th Heaven, and Sister Sister. 

2005 – 2016

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The Olsens began to opt to focus on fashion instead of acting, but the money kept coming. They launched a line of clothing and makeup with Walmart in 2004, and considering how obsessed our tween selves were with it, we’re guessing it didn’t sell too badly.

In 2006, the Olsens became the face of the high-end fashion label Badgely Mischka, and became front row fixtures at fashion week from then on. They furthered their foray into fashion by launching their luxury line The Row in 2006 and their (relatively) lower-priced line, Elizabeth and James, in 2007. The worth of their fashion empire has been estimated at $1 billion and they have a CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award under their belts to prove just how much fashion has fallen in love with their work.



It seems as if the twins are still keeping their acting career on the shelf. They’ve continued to work on their fashion projects. Their work on their Fall 2017  line for The Row uses color only sparingly with subtle embellishments. According to Vogue, “This collection remained elegantly grown-up but felt grounded in the street”. The Olsen twins seem to be focusing on outerwear, seeing as how “the coat is your calling card in New York”.


The former child stars Olsen Twins have left the screens but now are successfully dominated the fashion scene.

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