Here Are Soccer Star Alex Morgan’s Food Choices For Feeling Full & Healthy

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Alex Morgan already has gold medals at home from the 2012 Olympics and the 2015 Women’s World Cup, but that’s not enough. Alex and the rest of the US Women’s Soccer Team have their sights set on gold once again this summer, this time at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Naturally, that doesn’t come without hard work and giving up dessert.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model talked to Health about her diet and exercise routines that keep her in top shape. I mean, you have to be fit to get on the top of that podium.


“I eat a pretty big breakfast. I’ll usually have yogurt with granola or some honey and fruit. And, on top of that, two eggs—fried or hard-boiled—with a piece of toast if I want some extra energy.” Alex also shares that she tries to stay away from carbs like bread and pasta.

Pre-Workout Meal

“Before a workout, I need substance, so that’ll be, like, eggplant lasagna or veggies with meat and beans,” she said. “I don’t eat many carbs before training, but around three hours before a game, I’ll have banana pancakes; they help me last six or seven hours. Bananas really help with the state and the recovery of your muscles.”

Post-Workout Meal

“For lifting, it’s important for me to get a protein shake in right away, whereas if I’m running, I’ll do a salad with granola, fruit, and maybe some chicken or beans for protein,” Alex explains.


“I grew up always having dessert after dinner. Always,” Alex spills. “It’s such a hard habit for me to break. It’s fine to have dessert every once in a while, but not seven days a week! So I’ll switch it up: Instead of having a full dessert, I’ll do a piece of chocolate or some herbal tea with a little bit of honey.”

Workout Goals

“I’m always looking to get my heart rate into certain zones,” Alex says. “Because sometimes I feel like I didn’t have a great workout, and then I’ll look at my heart rate and I’m 175 beats or higher, which is a really hard workout!

Typical Exercises

Alex says that she does interval workouts to make sure her body is always working.

“With the team, we’ll do full-body circuit lifts in the gym—so if we’re doing lunges for one or two workouts, the next workout we’ll do squats,” she says.
If I’m training on my own, and one day I’m doing intervals where I’m striding for two minutes and jogging for one minute, the next day I’ll do something like a spin class. Or if I’m running, I’ll do it on a different surface, like the sand.”


Yoga is a twice a week must-do for Alex.

“I love yoga,” she says. “There’s a lot of stretching involved, which helps with my flexibility and injury prevention. Vinyasa is my favorite, as a recovery tool and for me to continue having my legs feel good.”

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