I Gave Up Coffee For My New Year’s Resolution And It’s Not Going Great

Coffee had been part of my routine since childhood. I became even more dependent on it when college started, particularly sophomore year. I was drinking coffee, either hot or iced, every single morning. I couldn’t function without the rich drink. It got to the point where the guy that served me had my order ready by the time I arrived at school.

Eventually all the sugar and caffeine got to me – my skin constantly broke out and my sleeping schedule was terrible. Most of the time, one cup of coffee wasn’t enough to make it through the day. I gave up soda almost six years ago and it was the easiest habit to kick, so I thought quitting coffee for my New Year’s resolution would be a breeze.  But it’s whole different story.

1. Sticking To The Resolution

The morning after I made my resolution, I poured myself a cup of coffee. I added milk and sugar to it but quickly realized what I had done. My habit was so strong I automatically gravitated towards the drink without thinking. There have been countless of times where I was tempted to drink coffee and just saying, “Screw the resolution!” But I have learned to be stronger than my desires. I remind myself that I was addicted to it and as much as other people like to brag about how dependent they are on coffee, I don’t.

2. My Body’s Reaction

Caffeine withdrawal is no lie. The stronger your addiction is to coffee, the longer symptoms will last. I’m not sure if I’m still going through withdrawal but I do think that I would be more productive with coffee by my side. My mind associated coffee with getting shit done and without it I feel lost and unmotivated. But on the upside, kind of, is clearer skin. I don’t break out as often, yet my skin isn’t perfect either. So it is really an upside?

3. Coffee Is Everywhere

Living in New York City, there are delis, food trucks, Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks at every corner serving coffee. People are always on the move and need the fuel. I can’t go five minutes without smelling coffee in the air or on people’s breath. I have even been offered free coffee…and I said no! I feel like an outsider. The only real contact I’ve had with coffee is from my boyfriend. It seems he’s gotten hooked on it since I quit. If he drinks coffee, he’ll make a point to kiss me right after just to torture me.

4. I’m Mentally Strong

I’ve never been a person who falls easily into peer pressure or gives up easily. Despite how difficult it has been without coffee, I know it’s doable. When I tell people about my resolution I get negative responses, proceeded by failed persuasions to get me hooked again. But I don’t let that get to me. It’s important for me to not be dependent on a substance that is often romanticized. I can still work hard and concentrate, but it’s fueled by my own willpower. Whether I decide to start drinking coffee next year or not is still up for debate. At least I know I’m mentally strong enough to have the option.

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