9 Ways To Reward Yourself For Hitting The Gym (That Aren’t Food)

So your gym habit has finally transformed from a once a month, half-hearted attempt at getting in shape to a steady, multiple-times-a-week routine – with that kind of motivation, you deserve a reward! While we’re all about treating ourselves, rewarding yourself after a workout by hitting up Shake Shack is kind of counterproductive – but a girl’s still gotta stay motivated somehow! Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate your efforts that don’t involve food – and we have a few ideas.

1. Take a long bath

We’ve never met long bath we didn’t like. Grab a some wine, candles, a bath bomb, and your favorite Netflix show (just make sure your laptop is far from the water!) and reward yourself with a little bit of much-needed relaxation on a Friday or Saturday night. Bonus: the hot water will help with any workout-induced soreness.

2. Get some new workout gear

If you’re hitting the gym frequently, you’re going to want to add to your workout wardrobe anyways – and who doesn’t a cute new pair of leggings or a sports bra with a cool strappy back? You’ll reward yourself and allow yourself to work out more often – sounds like a win-win situation to us.

3. Take a nap or sleep in

Unfortunately, getting enough sleep tends to be pretty low on our long list of priorities during the week. (#CollegeProblems.) If you’ve been hauling a** out of bed early enough to go to the gym in the A.M, allow yourself to sleep in a day or two – you deserve it.

4. Splurge on pretty undies

All those pounds that have been coming off as a result of your superwoman levels of motivation? You deserve to see your new toned figure in some pretty lingerie. Even if you don’t plan on letting anyone else see it, it’ll still make you feel super confident underneath.

5. Have a night in with your girls or S.O.

Since you’re basically the opposite of a couch potato for hitting the gym every day of the week, plan a night in with your ladies or boyfriend where you can be a little lazy. Find a few movies or a binge-worthy show on Netflix and order in some food – just add blankets.

6. …Or plan a night out

If a night in isn’t how you blow off steam, plan a crazy night out with your ladies. Hit up your favorite bar, treat yourself to your favorite drink and dance the night away.

7. Treat yourself to a fancy fitness class

The college budget struggle means we can’t exactly afford an unlimited SoulCycle membership – but if you’re tired of your typical routine, go ahead and splurge on that ridiculously pricey, trendy barre or pilates class you’ve been dying to try.

8. Get a mani/pedi

Whether you DIY it or spend money at a salon, having your nails done will make you feel like you have your life together, even when you don’t.

9. Add new tunes to your workout playlist

If you’ve been drooling over a premium Spotify membership or just really need the new Drake album to complete your workout playlist, go for it. It’ll make your treadmill time a little less boring next time.

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