25 Justin Bieber Lyrics That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption


Justin Bieber lyrics are the perfect Instagram caption for two reasons: he knows how to be emotionally deep and also has a very large ego. Now that it’s no longer embarrassing to say that you’re a Bieber fan, you can now broadcast your love across all of your social media platforms with a carefully selected Bieber lyric. Sometimes you need to compliment your selfie with an ego-increasing Bieber lyric – or sometimes you want to let your fans know that you’re having an emotional evening with a sentimental Bieber verse. Regardless, all of your captioning needs can be met with the brand new king of pop’s lyrical artistry.

The problem is that you have to somehow locate and select a lyric. Luckily for you, you need not look any further than Justin Bieber’s discography. With four albums to choose from, I guarantee you’ll locate something.

And if that is too much for you, fret not. I have compiled 25 Justin Bieber lyrics that will make your next Instagram caption a no-brainer. Whether you’re feeling hopelessly misunderstood or like a boss ass b*tch, Bieber will have your back.

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