Science Says There’s A Reason We’re All Attracted To Frat Boys

There’s nothing more attractive than a confident asshole. But why? It’s the age old question that seems to plague women everywhere. For some reason you can’t seem to get your mind off that muscly d-bag fraternity bro who managed to offend everyone in the room and brings nothing to the table. Yet unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it’s not totally you’re fault; you can blame mother nature.

According to school therapist Michael Dunaway from Auburn University, “Women have a tendency to act on purely animal instinct, and in many cases, are going to be drawn to an alpha male” – aka the d-bag frat boy.

Dunaway continued, “Due to many years of genetics, it is not uncommon to hear that women are most attracted to the stronger, more confident, and athletic guy. Ultimately the males who exhibit these characteristics are more likely to produce stronger sperm, therefore they are able to provide stronger offspring.”


Women who are looking for “passion, unpredictability, and excitement sexually” will most commonly be attracted to the guy who exhibits “bad boy-like” behaviors. According to Dunaway: “College age women frequently exhibit nurturing behaviors but are often attracted to the idea of a challenge. Women tend to view these particular males as ‘broken’, but find them extremely attractive because these young girls believe that they can then take on this challenge and ‘fix them’.”

Warning, it has never worked and will never work.

Yet even though we know that, we can’t seem to stop ourselves. Of course it’s not to say that all guys are terrible people, but the ones who are nice and soft-spoken are considered reliable and provide emotional support. In other words, we put them right into the friend zone.

A word to the wise? Go to frat parties, but don’t necessarily expect to find Mr. Right there. TBH, they’ll probably all end up with a beer gut and an alcohol problem anyway.

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