Scott Disick Keeps Writing The Caption Instructions On His Instagram Ads

Scott Disick doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who gives many f*cks in life. The 32-year-old dad of three (and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex) has screwed up like 5,986,837,734 times and never seems to learn. So maybe that’s why he keeps messing up his Instagram posts lately too.

Unless you’re totally clueless about the way the world works, any Instagrammer who posts about detox teas and waist trainers is getting paid a boatload of money to say something nice about the product. In fact, it’s reported that Disick alone receives anywhere between $15,000-$20,000 per ‘gram. 😱  Must be nice, huh?!

Unfortunately for the (partygoer, KUWTK guest star, what does he do?), he uploaded a photo today and copy and pasted the instructions for the Instagram caption. The post has since been deleted and reposted, but screenshots are forever. <3333

It says: “Here you go, at 4 pm est, write the below. Caption: Keeping up with the summer workout routine with my morning @booteauk,” and TBH this is hilarious.

Via Instagram/letthelordbewithyou

In other words, not only does he get paid to post the photo, he also doesn’t even have to come up with a clever caption! I wish I had a team that would do that for me. Although some news outlets are calling this an accident, I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing and just wanted to be an asshole. What does he care if he doesn’t get paid? It’s not like he’s actually using Boo Tea Shake anyway…or needs the money.

Since then, however, he did decide to repost it with a new caption (most likely after a ton of frantic emails from the company):

Yet that’s not the only time he’s done this, which is another reason why this is probably not an accident.

Via Instagram/letthelordbewithyou

I’m not exactly sure why anyone would Lord Disick to be a brand ambassador (and I have yet to figure out why he calls himself “Lord”), but I actually have to give props to the guy. Social media is fake, ya’ll. Here’s just another reminder.

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