Since Ladies Love Frat Guys, Here Are The 10 Different Kinds You’ll Meet in College

If you have experienced college in the slightest, you have probably come across your fair share of frat boys. How could anyone possibly avoid them, they are always wearing their greek letters and are always seen around campus together. I’ve come across multiple fraternities during my time in college and let me tell you, you meet so many different types of guys in one frat then you will “normal” guys on campus. The amount of different personalities just in one frat can easily make your head spin. But some frat guys are better than others. Here are the 10 types of frat boys you will meet in college:

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The Scholar

In every frat, there is always one guy who is on top of his studies and probably has a job lined up when he graduates. He’s the guy who spends a majority of his time in the library or in his room studying for his upcoming tests. This guy usually talks some sense into his brothers. The scholar enjoys spending time and partying with his frat but sets everything aside when it is time to get serious.

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

The Overly Excessive Drinker

This is the guy who has at least 12 drinks a day. He is the one is always up for a drinking game or drinks “just because.” He can usually be found next to a keg or at the bar and always has a drink in his hand. If you come across a frat guy and he smells of different types of liquor, you’ve found him.

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The Clown

Every group of guys, whether a fraternity or not, has a clown. This is the guy who is always making people laugh and does not have a problem looking like a fool. He’s also the one who likes the attention and is usually the easygoing one out of all the brothers.

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The Model

Ladies, we all know that one frat guy who is undeniably beautiful. The one with the perfectly white smile and the well-built physique. He’s the one all the girls swoon over and try everything to get his attention. We like to stalk his Instagram and try our hardest to get him to talk to us.

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The Ladies Man

This is the frat guy who is usually seen with a girl on his arm. The one who is a pro at sweet talking the ladies. At parties, he is the one who is most likely making out with a girl in a corner… and everyone knows what he plans to do once he gets a girl upstairs.

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The Sweetheart

This is the frat guy who has a sweet personality and the one girls usually gravitate towards. The one who is respectable towards women and will probably have at least 2 girlfriends during his college experience.

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The “I’m all about formal” guy

I have personally come across this type before and I should warn you, this guy probably has ulterior motives if you agree to go to formal with him. He looks forward to his frat’s formal all year and plans on getting drunk and hopefully “scoring” with his date. If you barely know the guy who asked you, do not go. I repeat Do. Not. Go.

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The Jerk

We’ve all come in contact with this type of guy before. He’s the one who is known for his snide/offensive/unnecessary comments. The one who says these things because he is “honest” and thinks he is entitled to voice his opinion. Newsflash: you’re wrong.

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The Trust Fund

This guy just swims in money. He is the one whose parents donate money to the school every year, drives a Porsche, and is always dressed in the nicest outfits. He is another frat guy girls swoon after and usually gets away with most things. The one all the frat brothers go to when they are low on money or need loan.

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The Leader

Last, but certainly not least is the frat guy who is #1 in any frat. The brothers look up to this guy and do whatever this guy says. He is usually the most attractive one but doesn’t have time for a girlfriend. He is seen at every frat event and will most likely be seen in the front. He will soon graduate but will always be remembered.

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