The High-Ponytail Trend Is Wreaking Havoc On Your Hair

It’s no secret that both men and women go to extreme lengths in the pursuit of better hair. We’re unafraid to fry, bleach and dye our follicles to no end – but then we’re left with only ourselves to blame at the end of the day for our frazzled scalps.

Now, however? Now you can actually blame Bela Hadid for your follicle follies and actually get away with it.

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Hadid is frequently seen with a crown-high, face-tightening ponytail. She looks fabulous with the look, meaning that we have all been inspired to look a little more like her and try out her go-to hairstyle. You could probably cite her as the influence behind your bad habit.

I say “bad” because your high ponytail might be making you go bald over time.

Depending on how tight you pull your own ponytail, traction alopecia, commonly known as hair loss and the reason why you see older women with hairlines that have receded, could be an actual concern.

“A tighter pony puts more weight on the hair, restricting the vessels of the hair follicle and increasing cases of alopecia,” says Sheenon Olson, a celebrity stylist and creative direction of ATMA Beauty. “That being said, this is only a major concern if you’re wearing this style over an extended period of time (three to four times per week over several years). This is not likely to happen if the style if only being worn occasionally.”

If you are finding it hard to part with your high-ponytail style, Daniel Roldan, the Matrix SoColor Artistic Direction, suggests switching the position of your ponytail and using a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup. Olson advises switching to bondless ribbon elastics and loosening up for the gym – so you’ll need to stop whipping your hair back and forth if you want to prevent a future case of traction alopecia.

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