8 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self About Body Image



Like many high school girls, I thought a lot about my body. I wondered what it was “supposed” to look like and how I could make it happen. But it seemed everyone had different opinions.

Was I supposed to gain muscles to be a better basketball player like my coach said?

Should I lose weight so I can fit into the smaller sizes like the celebrities in Cosmo?

Do I wear a push-up bra so guys would want to date me like they all want to date the busty girl from homeroom?

The last person whose opinion I valued was myself.

Although I never did anything drastic to change my body and love it today, here are a few things I wish I could tell the confused 15-year-old girl who spent far too much time looking in the mirror.

1. Don’t Buy Clothes Based On Sizes

A size 8 in one store is not the same as a size 8 in a different store, and that can really mess with your head, girl. Instead of trying to uncomfortably squeeze into a pair of jeans because you don’t want to buy a size up, get the pair that actually fits. It doesn’t mean you’re fat – it means the fashion industry sucks sometimes. And guess what? Barely anyone is ever going to see the number on that tag.

2. No One Notices If You Gain 5 Pounds

So you had a weekend where you had a few too many slices of pizza and skipped the gym. Who cares? More than likely you’ll be back at your usual weight in a couple days of getting back in your normal routine. Stop letting the numbers on the scale determine how you feel about your body.

3. Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

Seriously, it’ll save your skin. And also, stop wearing so much black eyeliner.

4. Believe Compliments

When someone tells you that your legs look awesome in that dress, don’t be skeptical or respond with “Ew, no, look at these huge thighs.” You won’t sound full of yourself for simply saying, “Thank you!” – you’ll sound confident.

5. Wear What Makes You Happy

If you’re wearing a mini skirt just because that’s what everyone else has on, you’ll spend the entire night feeling self-conscious. Trends come and go, but dressing to highlight your favorite features will always make your look and feel better.

6. Take Care Of Your Body

Go for runs, take a kickboxing class, or play a pick-up game of volleyball not because you are trying to get a six pack but because you will thank yourself down the road for staying active. Exercise does not always mean trying to completely alter your body.

7. Don’t Let Anyone Use Your Body

Don’t feel pressured to send naked photos because your boyfriend of two weeks asks for them. Don’t think you have to have sex because everyone else is doing it. You’re in total control of your body.

8. You’re Never Going To Be A Size 2 With DD Breasts


It’s just not happening. And guess what? That’s totally okay. And women who have that figure? That’s totally okay too. Everyone is different, but beautiful doesn’t come in one size.

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