Drinking Spiking Happens A Lot More Often Than You’d Think

Brand new research has been published that suggests that getting your drink spiked at a college party is far more frequent than you would think.

A new study published in the Psychology of Violence journal found that 462 of the 6,000 students surveyed (about eight percent) from three college campuses in the United States say that they have had their drinks spiked with roofies, Xanax or some other substance during college.

Of the 462 surveyed students who experienced drink spiking, 16.8 percent were women who said they had “unwanted sex” after being given the spiked drink.

Suzanne Swan, the study’s author, said that she got the idea to do the survey after asking a class one day if they had ever experienced drink spiking. About a third of her class raised their hands.

“I had no idea that [drink spiking] was happening until students started bringing it up from time to time,” Swan said to Broadly. “Since there’s hardly any research in this area, I decided to get some data and figure out what was going on.”

When the students were asked why they thought they had been drugged, 26 percent of the men involved cited reasons such as “to be funny and see what happens” or “to ‘spice up’ my night; to make it more fun,” or, in a more sexual context, “because I’m a very sexy man.”

The study does not suggest that men are not also drugged with unwanted sexual contact in mind. The numbers in this study, however, are much lower for men in comparison to women. 50 women said they had been drugged for sexual reasons, compared to seven men.

It’s a disconcerting study, that’s for sure.

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