17-Year-Old Beauty Queen Arrested For The Weirdest Reason Ever

A 17-year-old beauty queen was arrested after she allegedly faked multiple doctor notes in order to avoid going to school. I suppose this takes “senioritis” to a whole new level. Perhaps some of you are wishing you had swiped a doctor’s office stationary when you were back in high school in order to get out of your classes way back in the day.

WSPA reports that the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina alleges that Madison Cox, 2015’s Miss Teen South Carolina International, wrote several excuse notes to her high school from Parris Family Chiropractic. The notes got Cox out of school on numerous occasions, but when the chiropractic office was eventually contacted, Cox’s visits did not match the dates written on the notes.

For these alleged crimes, the teenager was arrested this past Monday.

After Cox spent the night in jail, she was released on Tuesday. Buzzfeed reports that she has since been tweeting about her arrest. She tweeted – but later deleted – “Did they really just put me on the news [because] I went to jail for a DOCTORS NOTE.”

Yes, yes, they did.

She also wrote a tweet asking people why they are so obsessed with her life. Cox has since continued the vague tweeting – you know, as teens do.

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