If You Didn’t Already Hate Everyone, Read The Most Googled Questions In Every State

We’ve all asked stupid questions before, but when other people have the same stupid question as you – so much so that it becomes the most Googled question in your state – that’s when you know America is screwed.

Before you take a look at this chart, I must warn you. If you didn’t already hate everyone on planet earth for being complete morons, this will put the nail in the coffin.

The folks over at Estately uncovered the nations most burning subconscious thoughts, and the results will make you lose all faith in humanity. Have a look below, if you dare…

WTF Missouri. “Am I a psycho?” Chances are, if you have to ask, the answer is yes. And Kansas, “How to make meth?” Good Lord. I thought America was just doomed because of our Republican presidential nominee.

Also everyone in Georgia should either go back to second grade or go to jail. You decide.

Who created God? / Who is in the Illuminati? / What is calamari? / What is adultery? / What is ovulation? / Who is going to be the next president? / Was Jesus black? / Who is Allah? / Is DMX dead? / Is Jesus real? / Is Vietnam communist? / How to hack an Instagram account? / How to improve credit score? / How to hotwire a car / Where is weed legal? / When is a woman most fertile? / Why are my nipples so sore? / How to be a man? / How to become a stripper? / Is Africa a country?

Is this forreal? BRB, going to Canada – now for more than one reason.

Head to Estately for more tragic questions and see how your home state stacks up. 

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