8 Tips For Those Of Us Who Still Don’t Feel Bikini Ready

Unfortunately, putting on a bikini is pretty high up there on our list of things that sound absolutely terrifying right now. No matter confident you normally are about your bod or how many hours you spent at the gym getting ready for long days spent by the beach, baring it all in a bikini is still no less scary. Still not feeling bikini body ready? You’re not alone. Try these quick tips and tricks for killer confidence this summer.

1. Start small

If you try to jump right in and start a new workout program that involves trying to make it to the gym six times a week for hours at a time, you’re going to get burnt out – and fast. If you want to start working out, try doing just a little bit each day. Set aside 10 minutes to work on your abs or tone your legs – that’s all it takes. Feel free to up the ante each week throughout the summer.

2. Up your water intake

It seems counterintuitive, but providing your body with extra hydration will keep bloat at bay and counteract any salty foods you might have eaten. Obviously, it won’t actually cause you to lose weight, but it will make your food baby disappear by the time you hit the beach.

3. Compliment yourself

It sounds corny, but it works – take five minutes to stand in front of the mirror and pick out things you like about your body. (Because all too often, we end up standing in the mirror lamenting what we don’t like.) No negativity allowed here!

4. Practice (seriously)

If you’re dreading putting on a bikini, get yourself used to the idea by walking around your room or apartment in your bikini or underwear. Get used to what your body looks like and what it feels like to wear a little less clothing. (It’s probably been awhile since you’ve worn less than shorts and a tee after all!)

5. Get your (faux) tan on

We’re not advocating baking under the sun (because skin cancer, yikes), but treating yourself to a spray tan or DIY-ing it with a little bit of self-tanner at home will instantly create the illusion of a slimmer figure. For getting the look at home, we like TanTowel’s Self-Tan Towelette ($27 for five at Sephora).

6. Exfoliate

Like with a faux glow, treating your skin to a little bit of exfoliation will result in glowy, baby-soft skin, which will make you feel WAY more comfortable baring your bod in a bikini. ICYMI, beauty addicts are loving coffee scrubs right now, which are the holy grail when it comes to exfoliating products.

7. Try out different swimsuit styles

Not all bikinis are made equally. You may think you hate all bikinis when in reality, it’s just your swimsuit that’s the problem. Head to the mall and try different styles and cuts. Sometimes the coverage level of your top or the rise in your bottoms is all it takes to make your body look completely different.

8. Stand up straight

Posture makes all the difference. If you only have five seconds to make yourself feel confident enough to put on a bikini, standing up a little straighter will instantly visually slim you down. Not only that, but you’ll appear (and therefore feel!) more confident.

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