PSA: The Perfume You’re Wearing Probably Contains Pee

If you’re at a store that looks sketchy AF, it probably is. Go with your gut and run far, far away. Why? Because you could literally be buying products that could kill you.

Five men were arrested for distributing and reselling designer perfumes amped up with a bunch of nasty stuff like antifreeze and actual pee. WTF.

They imported generic fragrances and fake packaging for scents like Marc Jacobs “Daisy”¬†and Chanel No.5, and by the time the police caught them, they had about 10,000 bottles ready to sell to gullible people like you and me.

Authorities also said the bottles contained¬†“other unpleasant, flammable, or dangerous chemicals that burn when applied to the skin.” What great guys, huh? They could spend up to 30 years behind bars.

Yet even across the pond, counterfeit beauty products have been found to contain things like arsenic, lead, and mercury which CAN KILL YOU. Nbd.

Can someone please tell me what is happening to the world? It’s a scary place out there- stay safe.

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