If You Booked A Vacation This Summer, Be Sure To Stay Away From This One Thing In Your Hotel Room

When you book a hotel for your summer vacay, you expect there to be certain basic cleanliness standards. Whether you opt for a Holiday Inn or decide to splurge on a five star RIU resort, you hope that your money is being well spent- aka the beds are made with white linen sheets, the surfaces are dusted off, and maybe you’re even given complimentary coffees and teas. But before you reach for that glass to pour yourself a drink, know that it may not have been cleaned properly.

ABC News went on an undercover investigation across America focusing on 15 hotels, and their findings aren’t what hotel stayers want to hear. It was discovered 11 hotels failed to remove dirty glasses from rooms, despite them being used by previous people. In fact, hotel maids simply rinsed the dirty glasses and wiped them with a towel – which obviously does nothing in terms of hygiene.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

One maid was caught drying off a dirty glass with a towel she wiped her hands off with and one even used Lysol mildew cleaner, which contains bleach. In other words, it’s super dangerous to consume. LOVELY!

Next time you find yourself entering a hotel room, make sure to stay away from those water glasses. Having a supply of water bottles by your bedside may not be environmentally friendly, but being poisoned is arguably far worse.

[Via ABC News]

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