This Weird Thing About Deodorant Explains Why Women Are Attracted To Men

Science research is truly an amazing thing.

There has been a lot of noise made about the power of the natural scents our dirty bodies exhume, which are otherwise known as pheromones. They’re critically important when it comes to attracting a sex partner – or so we thought.

New research has suggested that some men may want to consider masking their body odor with deodorant if they want to appear more masculine.

According to a new study by The University of Stirling in Scotland, women find men who appear less masculine to be more masculine when they’re wearing a fresh layer of deodorant. The researchers behind the study asked 130 men and women to rate “facial masculinity” by looking at photographs. They then asked another 239 men and women to rate “odour masculinity” for 40 people of the opposite sex.

The study revealed four things:

  • Women have more acute senses of smell than men.
  • Men found women to be more “feminine” when they had deodorant one.
  • Men who had low marks in “face masculinity” were deemed much more masculine when they had deodorant.
  • Deodorant played no effect on masculinity on men who already had masculine faces.
  • The study is vague in what it means by “facial masculinity” or “odour masculinity.” However, all you need to be concerned about is that there’s a reason why middle school boys smell so awful (they probably can’t smell themselves) and that men who lack in “facial masculinity” can literally spray masculinity on.


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