New Studies Show That the Zika Virus Can Be Spread Through Oral Sex — And Even Kissing

While the Zika virus become known as being contracted through mosquitos, scientists have found a scary new way for people to transfer the disease: through sex and kissing.

A few months back, a French couple was said to have the Zika virus. Back in February, a man and woman were having sex seven times out of a nine day period. The couple was said to have had unprotected vaginal sex without ejaculation, as well as unprotected oral sex with ejaculation. The man experienced a few symptoms of the virus, but they cleared up before he had sex with the woman. The last day the couple had sex, the woman experienced the symptoms of Zika and three days later the women tested positive for the virus.

Scientists have found that the virus can live in semen and that it’s very possible for it to be transmitted through sex. According to a letter in The New England Journal, it can also be transmitted through french kissing. “We cannot rule out the possibility that transmission occurred not through semen but through other biologic fluids, such as pre-ejaculate secretions or saliva exchanged through deep kissing,” it explained.

This information might come as a little surprising to most, but if you would like to know more about this information, the CDC issued a few guideline on how to avoid passing or getting the Zika virus. Stay safe this summer!

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