Kylie Jenner Gives A Boy With Lemonade Stand A Very Generous Tip

Kylie Jenner New Man


Kids, take notes: set up a lemonade stand near Kylie Jenner‘s stomping grounds.

In a video posted on her Snapchat over the weekend, the youngest KarJenner sibling was cruising around with pal Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou when they decided to make the day of some young entrepreneurs.

You see Kylie handing over a $100 bill to a very happy boy.

In a previous Snap, Kylie is seen giving two $5 bills in exchange for some cans of soda before reminding the young salesmen that the girls are ready for their lemonade.

Dang. Kylie Jenner is either a very generous tipper…or that is the best lemonade on Earth.

Given that her net worth is soaring, we’ll go with the former.

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