Spoiler Alert! Here’s What’s Happening With The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast In Season 4

For those of you who live under a rock, the fourth season premiere of Orange Is The New Black is just about a week and a half away. On June 17th, the prisoners of Litchfield are returning to our Netflix screens and according to the cast, this season is full of plot twists.

For all the impatient fans like myself, I have some good news! Over the past few months, the cast has given us some insight on the new season.

Here’s what’s ahead for the ladies of Litchfield:

Natasha Lyonne

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix

It was a sad moment in season 3 when we said goodbye to Natasha’s character Nicky Nichols. After being sent to a  maximum security prison in episode 3, viewers were confused about what this meant.

With the awaited return of season 4, Lyonne has been doing a lot of press, meaning it’s likely Nicky will reemerge (thank God).

During a panel at PaleyFest in May she said, “Major events happen like Max or something and we don’t know [what’s going to happen], but you go along for the ride because of the trust.”

“So much of the brilliance of the show is sort of plucking us at exactly a certain moment to play well together and to be comfortable of the unknown”, said Lyonne.

Taylor Schilling

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Throughout the seasons we’ve watched Piper Chapman struggle with adjusting to her new life in prison. However, three seasons later we have seen her character become a completely different person. Now, instead of being embarrassed by that sexy orange jumpsuit, she embraces it.

When talking about the new season Schilling said, “Piper’s outsides are becoming less and less important. She’s kind of moving further and further away from the idea of what she thought she was. She’s becoming more practical. She’s becoming a creature of the prison, and there’s no space for excess. Her only need is for survival, and brushing her hair doesn’t really factor into the equation.”

Thats not all, during PaleyFest she said, “She’s becoming a little bit of a kingpin and has this swagger, but the feeling I always have about Piper Chapman is that she tries on everything like a piece of clothing — she doesn’t quite fit the jacket, but she tries it on. And I love that about her.”

Blair Brown

Rich Lam/Getty Images for FOX

As most of you probably remember, Brown’s character Judy King surrendered herself into Litchfield at the end of the third season.

In an interview with TV guide, Brown says there’s far more to Judy than initially meets the eye.

“I think a lot of people think, ‘Oh, she cooks, so she’s like Martha Stewart.’ ‘Oh, she Southern. She’s like Paula Deen.’ She’s actually Judy King, a creation of Jenji [Kohan] and the writers,” Brown said.

“She’s slightly appalling and very good and very cheerful and probably fairly amoral,” she continues. “And it’s interesting to watch because she’s so other than anybody else in prison. And of course, Judy’s greatest ally when she comes in is Poussey Washington.”

Seems to me like we will be learning a lot about her in the upcoming season!

Laverne Cox

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When we last saw Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox) on the show, she was getting shipped off to SHU after ending her friendship with with Gloria (Selenis Leyva).

While we all want to see their friendship repaired, Cox told TV Guide that she doesn’t think it will happen.

When speaking about the damage between Sophia and Gloria, Cox said she is grateful to have been given the opportunity to address very real problems trans women face while incarcerated.

To be honest, this show deserves around of applause for brining attention to such real issues.

“The reasons of why Sophia ended up in solitary, the violence that she experienced, that violence is a reality for far too many people who are incarcerated, particularly trans women who are far too often incarcerated in men’s prisons,” Cox says.

As far as the new season the actress said, “What’s exciting in Season 4 is that I believe our writers go even deeper into some pertinent issues that affect folks who are incarcerated.”

 Samira Wiley

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After seeing their interactions in season 3, I think we all want to know what is happening with Poussey and So-So? Will their friendship turn into something more in the next season? 

Wiley told told AfterEllen that she really hopes  something happens in season 4 and that they will have a lot of on screen time together. Come on, us fans definitely ship it!

The actress said that the new season is “very different” and will pick up right where season three ended. “We’ve got just busloads of new inmates being bussed into the prison. There’s just bunch of new characters and a bunch of new bodies — just bodies everywhere. It sort of starts there and keeps going. What can you imagine happens when you have all of these people in a small space? You’ve already got, you know, people in the prison”, Wiley explained.

Laura Prepon

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Turner

Last but definitely not least, we have Alex Vause. The end of the third season left us with one of my least favorite things… a cliffhanger. Seriously, how are they going to leave us hanging! Ever since the end of the show I have been dying to know what happened.

I assume if you are reading this post you know exactly what I am talking about. However, if you didn’t see the season finale, you might want to stop reading and go watch.

While the end of the season showed many of the inmates happy having a good time,  we saw Alex possibly facing the last day of her life.

Prepon, like Wiley, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the new season picks up right where the last one ended.

“It continues five seconds later, which is really great because at the end of last season . . . I was in the greenhouse, and there was all this craziness going on and it’s awesome.”

As for her relationship with Piper in the next season she said, “They love each other and they hate each other, and it’s frustrating and passionate, but there’s definitely some vindication there, for sure. Piper thought she was crazy all season, but she wasn’t.”

oitnb good

Get ready to put all of your other Netflix addictions on hold because this season seems like it will be crazy! If you want more insight into what’s ahead check out the season 4 trailer below.


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