Yoga Teacher Accused Of Killing Her Twin Sister By Driving Off A Cliff

A Florida woman has been accused of killing her twin sister by intentionally driving off of a cliff in Hawaii during an argument.

Alexandria Duval was driving her Ford Explorer on the Hana Highway in Maui with her twin sister, Anastasia. Witnesses state that the SUV accelerated into a jagged rock wall before tumbling off of the side of the cliff. Alexandria survived the 200-foot fall, but her sister did not.

Duval appeared in court on Monday, facing charges for second-degree murder. She is currently being held without bail.

Recent witness testimonies and court documents reveal the insane backstory behind the deadly incident. Apparently, the two women were fighting before the crash.

“The passenger was pulling at the driver’s hair and the steering wheel,” according to a witness account. Lawrence Lau told KHON that he saw the twins arguing as well.

Lau then watched as the SUV sped past him and drove off of the cliff.

“I saw a pair of hands jerking the head, pulling the hair,” Lau said. “My first thought when she was coming past us was, ‘Don’t hit me, don’t hit me,’ because she was slightly out of control…I’m amazed that that lady survived. I am really amazed because I saw how far she fell.”

It was reported by the Associated Press that the SUV’s airbag control module revealed that the driver never attempted to brake. What is even more disturbing is that investigators found that the steering wheel made a sharp left – straight into the wall – before plummeting off of the cliff.

Her Campus.

The two sisters, originally named Alison and Ann Dadow, opened a seemingly successful yoga studio together in Florida called Twin Power Yoga back in 2008. However, the studio abruptly closed in 2014.

Alexandria’s lawyer, Todd Eddins, is denying that she purposely harmed her sister.

“Alison did not try to harm herself or the person she most loved and was closest to in the world,” Eddins said in court on Monday.

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