Friend Who Defended Brock Turner Is Being Dropped From Her Upcoming Gigs

After her band Good English was dropped from numerous upcoming music festivals, Leslie Rasmussen, the childhood friend of Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, who wrote a letter to the case’s judge blaming Turner’s sentence on the need to be “politically correct,” released a statement to Brooklyn Vegan apologizing for how her letter may have been misconstrued.

“Two months ago, I was asked to write a character statement for use in the sentencing phase of Brock Turner’s trial,” Rasmussen wrote:

“I understand that this appeal has now provided an opportunity for people to misconstrue my ideas into a distortion that suggests I sympathize with sex offenses and those who commit them or that I blame the victim involved. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and I apologize for anything my statement has done to suggest that I don’t feel enormous sympathy for the victim and her suffering.”

The statement concludes with Rasmussen acknowledging that “Brock Turner was tried and rightfully convicted of sexual assault” and that Turner’s “crime caused enormous pain for the victim.” However, she deems alcohol the true culprit here.

“I believe that Brock’s character was seriously affected by the alcohol he consumed, and I felt that the court needed to consider this issue during their sentencing deliberations.”

Pitchfork noted on Tuesday that Good English was dropped by Brooklyn’s upcoming Northside Festival and that Industry City Distillery also canceled the band’s June 11 show.

There were two other Brooklyn locations that were set to host Good English in the next few weeks, but Gothamist reported that they, too, have removed the band from their lineups.

Good English’s website and Facebook page were both removed after Rasmussen’s letter went public.

You can read her full statement here.

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