Audrina Patridge Didn’t Invite Any Of “The Hills” Costars To Her Wedding

Apparently Audrina Patridge isn’t BFF’s with The Hills costars. *Insert crying emoji here*

In an interview with Fit Pregnancy and Baby, Audrina said that she and her fiancé, Corey Bohan created the guest list and none of The Hills stars made the cut.

“We just finalized the guest list, and it’s about 130 people, mostly family,” Audrina explained. “As far as friends go, we only invited the ones who’ve been there for us in the past year and who will continue to be there for us for the next 30. So, no one from The Hills made the cut. If we were doing a really big wedding, I’d invite them, but we’re keeping it intimate.”

Ouch. I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing some major shade. Wasn’t The Hills movie supposed to begin at her wedding? How are they going to make a movie without the others?! Sigh, sad news today.

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