Singapore Will Have An ‘Orange is the New Black’ Prison Themed Pop-Up Diner

For all the die hard Orange is the New Black fans, jump online and book the next flight to Singapore to engage in the realest experience of Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria.

That’s right, Netflix will be taking over Orchard Road Diner OverEasy in Singapore on June 16 and 17, 2016 and will transform it into the cafeteria straight out of the show, making people feel like they’re locked up with Red and Piper.

Thankfully, according to Mashable, the chef for the pop-up diner, Bjorn Shen, will make sure the quality of the food is much better than actual prison food.

Although he will make the well-known, scary nutraloaf, the taste will¬†be delicious as it’s served up on a plastic tray. Shen told Mashable, the¬†nutraloaf will consist of quinoa, mushrooms, cheddar, pumpkin and nori.

Since this is a two day pop-up diner, reservations are anticipated to go quickly.

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