Could Red Wine Really Be The Answer To Fabulous Hair?

The #hairstruggle can be very real.

All women want their hair to be smooth, frizz-free, and fast growing, but it’s not always easy to achieve. However, recently it was discovered that wine can do a thing or two when it comes to getting nice hair. Seriously. Unfortunately, all the red wine you may drink as you watch The Bachelorette on Monday nights isn’t exactly what’s going to turn you into Rapunzel.

According to Marie Claire’s interview with celebrity hairstylist John Blaine, the power of red wine helping one’s hair will come from his new hair products line Vine de la Vie, which includes wine extract. There are facts to back up Blaine’s claim that this key ingredient can truly lead to soft and smooth hair. The wine extract has active polyphenols which will work to detoxify, strengthen and repair damage to the hair.

So although pouring red wine on your head isn’t going to do you any good, it’s still a great day to say one of your favorite things, in a different form, can help make you hair look and feel great.

Kesha Just Announced Something MAJOR
Kesha Just Announced Something MAJOR
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