University of Kansas Sexual Assault Victim Speaks Out Against The Football Player Who Assaulted Her

Sarah McClure, a former member of the KU rowing team, released a video detailing her injustice from University of Kansas on how they handled her alleged sexual assault. As a freshman in college with a scholarship on the crew team, McClure identifies herself as one of the two women on her team raped by the same football team member.

McClure’s emotional video details the distress caused by her alleged assault. “I stayed inside with a chair under my door knob because I felt so unsafe,” she says. “I was afraid to live.”

McClure reported her sexual assault in October of last year, against a football player in her dorm room. She claims that the University did nothing for months to help her case.

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Now the 19 year old is filing a Title IX lawsuit against the school for how administrators failed to deal with her assault properly, and for the loss of her scholarship on the rowing team. She is joining her teammate Daisy Tackett’s parents’ lawsuit, claiming that the university falsely advertises its residential facilities as safe for students. This lawsuit is seeking class-action status, asking for a judge to rule that the University of Kansas violated the Consumer Protection Act. Since 2013, six sexual assaults have been reported in KU dorms.

McClure’s passion for coxing on the rowing team was dimmed by the discrimination and ostracizing from her coaches and teammates after she reported the rape. She was left behind on a team trip to Florida and eventually lost her scholarship. “KU allowed my coaches to retaliate,” says McClure.

While the football player in question was never charged, he has been expelled from campus. The University of Kansas is using this as a defense against the charges of gender discrimination, despite the fact that the student in question has not faced any criminal charges.

Spokeswoman for KU Erinn Barcomb-Peterson claims that sexual assault reports are taken very seriously on campus. Her statement reads, “The University of Kansas takes very seriously any and all claims of sexual assault and sexual violence. To protect the rights of all students involved, federal law prohibits the university from releasing details on individual sexual assault investigations. The university thoroughly investigated Ms. McClure’s allegations, and as a result, the accused student is no longer enrolled at KU. We are confident the courts will agree that we’ve met our obligations to both Ms. McClure and Ms. Tackett.”

McClure’s father states, “’KU supports the football team and the revenue associated with that more than they support the success of women on campus.”

McClure has returned to her Chicago home, where she is in therapy three times a week. While she has plans to finish her college education, she will not be returning to the University of Kansas.

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