Netflix and Chill: Best Tips For A Stress-Free Date

When someone asks to “Netflix and Chill,” most people know exactly what they mean. Maybe you’ll watch something on Netflix, and then hook up in some way, shape, or form. When someone says Netflix and Chill, in all honesty, they are probably expecting to sleep with you.

But is this really such a bad thing?

When you are asked to Netflix and Chill, or you’re asking someone to Netflix and Chill, the cards are laid out plainly on the table. There’s no coyness and no beating around the bush. By making this proposition, you are clearly articulating your goals for the night without much ambiguity. This way, the pressure is off for the evening for both parties. The initiator is only putting themselves out there on a limb for rejection a tiny bit by prefacing the request with a movie. There’s no careful planning that needs to be done, you are just watching some weird documentary or a popular movie on demand with the hopes of ending the evening in sex. There is no proper protocol on how to dress, what to drink, or the best way to make advances from across a frat house dance floor. With Netflix and chill, both people can be comfortable in sweatpants and t-shirts, without much focus on appearance. You can dress down, eat junk food, and drink beer with a significant other and hopefully feel more relaxed.

By calling it ‘Netflix and chill’ as opposed to inviting someone to your dorm explicitly for sex, the other person will be visibly less stressed in saying yes or no. There is less distress in declining a person’s invitation to watch a movie than there is to say no to a person’s blatant request for sexual interaction. Netflix and chill invitations are great methods of gaining clear and informed consent, without the influence of alcohol and the social expectations that often occur from college parties.

Netflix and chill is also a casual way of getting to see a person’s Netflix account. If they’re into some weird shows, or if they’re all about Disney movies, this is an effective way to judge someone’s taste, and see if yours is compatible.

Netflix and chill, while stigmatized as sleazy and distasteful, is a surefire way of getting to know someone in a pressure-free environment. After all, who wouldn’t love a date in which you can wear pajama pants?

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