Nothing – Not Even Surgery – Was Going To Stop This Teen From Seeing Beyonce

Frank Micelotta/Parkwood Entertainment via Getty Images

Most of us head to a Beyonce concert wearing a hot new outfit and feeling like a queen. But not Chelsey Bunner. The 16-year-old from Pennsylvania had wisdom tooth removal surgery just days before she had tickets for a Beyonce concert…but she still got in formation, ice packs and all.

Chelsey’s mom scheduled her visit to the dentist on Friday after the teen spent $200 on Beyonce tickets for a Sunday show. Chelsey decided not to reschedule the surgery.

“When my older brother got his wisdom teeth taken out, he was completely fine the next day, so I thought I would be too,” she said.

Turns out, Chelsey’s recovery was a bit tougher. But you really think that was going to stop her from attending the concert? Hell no!

Chelsey brought along ice packs, her head bandage, and a hilarious sign that read “When you have wisdom teeth at 6 and Beyonce at 7.”

Pretty much, this girl is our hero.

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