Never Again: The Horrible Struggles That Only People Who Hate Working Out Will Understand

It’s that time of the year where you realize you should’ve spent hours at the gym instead of spending hours eating donuts. Unfortunately, working out just isn’t for everyone. If you’re the kind of person who could never imagine leaving your bed to go run on a treadmill, you will definitely be able to relate to this. These are the painful struggles only people that HATE working out understand.

1. You’re surrounded by people that look like this:


As if going to the gym wasn’t painful enough, you walk in and are surrounded by girls who look like Victoria Secret models. You will never understand how these girls have washboard abs because you would rather die than do one sit-up.

2. You don’t know how to use the machines


Since you haven’t gone to the gym in years, you definitely don’t know how to use the machines. Most of your time is spent trying not to make it obvious that you are reading the directions.

3. You wish you loved working out as much as you love your cute workout clothes


Workout clothes are so cute but it’s so obvious that you only wear them for show. You now have to start actually going to the gym so people don’t catch onto your tricks.

4. You think running is a form of punishment


Unless you’re being chased by a serial killer, running is something you will never be caught doing. To be honest, you’re pretty sure running was created by the devil and will never understand those girls who can spend hours on the treadmill (where are you running to?).

4. You constantly wonder why you can’t just magically be fit


You know those people who are just born fit and never have to workout? You are always wondering why you can’t be like that. Because when you eat a large pizza and drink seven beers in one sitting, the weight comes. Although, a girl can dream about the opposite.

5. You wonder why time passes so slowly when you work out


Time actually travels backwards when you’re at the gym. There is no way you’ve only been doing this treadmill for four minutes. The clock has to be wrong, right? If only time went by this slowly when we are trying to get some sleep!

6. While working out you think back on better times


When you workout you can’y help but think back on the good old days. I’m talking about all the times you got to indulge in your favorite foods and when your only worry was what you were going to eat next.

7. You always feel embarrassed

It’s slightly embarrassing when the man next to you is lifting twice your weight and you’re struggling with the five-pounders.

8. Sweat


Sweating is the worst thing ever and it’s a constant reminder that you hate working out.

9. Your friends are always going to the gym together


Any time your friends ask you to go to the gym with them, you question why you’re even friends. Are they even real people? What kind of humans think going to the gym is a good time?

10. After one gym day, you reward yourself


In your mind, one day at the gym equals endless amounts of food and never going back. Hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

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