7 Fitness Apps All College Students Need

Ever have those days where it’s literally impossible to get yourself to the gym, even though you swore you would go? Of course you have. You’re in college. Well, these (free) apps will help get you moving and shaking, even after that brutal calculus midterm sucks all the energy out of you.


What it is: Basically, this app is the ultimate personalized workout (or should I say sworkout). You can choose from 4 different categories of exercise and set how long you want to be exercising. Then just follow the video trainer shown onscreen and get in shape!

Why you should get it: If you’re someone who likes variety in their workout routine, this is the one for you. It requires no equipment but offers a ton of different exercises. It’s great for full-body workouts too, since you can switch between strength, cardio, stretching, and yoga!

Couch to 5K (C25K)

What it is: Maybe you’re not one to exercise much in the first place, but you decided that you’ll keep your New Years Resolution if it’s the last thing you do, dammit. C25K is an app specifically for inexperienced runners who need a structured routine. The app uses a gradual interval training program to build up endurance for the ultimate goal of running a 5K. You start with alternating between walking and running, but then build your way to just running.

Why you should get it: This app is great for beginners because of its gradual build-up. It helps prevent its users from giving up because it doesn’t push too hard too fast. It’s compatible with music apps too, so you can jam out while you run.

Zombies, Run!

What it is: If you find the whole concept of running a little boring or monotonous, liven things up with the Zombies, Run! app. This program is an immersive audio experience where you are the hero in a zombie-infested world. The app plays actual zombie noises (guttural breathing, ominous moans, the works) as you run, making your mission to rebuild the nation after the zombie apocalypse all the more realistic.

Why you should get it: This one’s creative and makes running entertaining! The app’s sound effects will definitely get you sprinting towards your goals, giving you a more fulfilling workout. And who knows? You’ll be prepared for the inevitable.

FitStar Yoga

What it is: This app focuses solely on yoga, ranging from beginner routines to expert poses. You personalize the intensity and length of the workout, and can track your progress as you keep practicing. All you need is a mat, an Internet connection, and some space to practice your headstands.

Why you should get it: It’s convenient, instructive, and relaxing with the video guidance of instructor Tara Stiles. This app is great for all levels of practicing yogis, but is especially good for those who are too shy to go to a yoga class.

The 7-Minute Workout

What it is: This app, created by the Johnson&Johnson company, is exactly what it sounds like. It has an intense 7-minute workout routine that needs a wall and a chair, but it also has a lot of other workouts under 20 minutes as well. You can play, like, 2 songs off of your iTunes library and boom! You’re done.

Why you should get it: Perfect for the busy student, it will take you longer to shower afterwards than it will to actually complete a workout. You can even do it when you’re sick at home, as you can adjust the intensity. This app also gives post-workout assessments, so it helps you improve along the way.


What it is: For those students who like to bike to campus, MapMyRide keeps track of your cycling experience. It measures your distance, pace, and calories burned along with mapping your route. This app can also work for on-foot workouts if you also run or walk everywhere.

Why you should get it: This app is nothing if not thorough. It’s great for those who prefer actual bikes to stationary ones, and want to include their daily excursions into their workout routines. If you use another tracking app, like FitBit, this app can sync and share data to that too.


What it is: This app focuses more on diet than fitness. It allows you to track your food throughout the day, and gives you info on categories such as fat, protein, sugar, and sodium intake. You can either select a meal with pre-filled calculations that is already in the system or you can manually add in the dietary info yourself if you’re making a homemade dish. This app also lets you input your fitness throughout the day, so you can see how many calories you earn back after an intense cardio sesh.

Why you should get it: It’s super popular because it’s an easy but detailed way to track what goes into your body. The app adjusts its dietary suggestions based on weight, height, and fitness levels, so it changes when you do. It also works really well with many fitness apps (including some of the ones above) so it’s not too much trouble to type in the details of your workout.