Women on the Stanford Swim Team Say They Were Creeped Out by Brock Turner Way Before He Committed Sexual Assault

Turns out not everyone was surprised that Brock Turner wound up committing sexual assault, especially those on the Stanford Women’s Swim Team.

During a recent interview with In Touch, members of the Stanford Women’s Swim Team revealed how uncomfortable Turner made them feel during practice. In short: he was creepy AF.

“Brock’s arrest wasn’t surprising to anyone on the team. From the beginning, the women swimmers had found him to be very, very odd. Brock would make comments to the women such as ‘I can see your tits in that swimsuit,’” a Stanford swim team insider exclusively reveals, adding that one elite swimmer vowed to never be alone with Brock after witnessing him get drunk at a party.

“He was warned by upperclassmen on the team to scale back on the partying, but he just didn’t listen.”

Apparently his behavior was so disgusting that many members wanted to send letters to his judge about it.

There were discussions among some of the women on the team about submitting letters to the judge about their negative experiences with Brock, says the insider, adding that the discussions were suddenly halted and the letters were never filed.

“There were rumblings that the women were pressured by Stanford officials to not do it since they hadn’t witnessed any crime that Brock had committed,” says the insider.

While Lisa Lapin, the school’s Associate Vice President for University Communications, insists that students “can say what they wish to whom they wish,” the insider insisted that the team was instructed to not discuss Brock Turner’s sentencing with the public or media, though they completely support the victim and wish he had gotten a harsher sentence.

God he is the worst. Remember when he was barely punished for ruining a girl’s life? Yeah, it still makes me nauseous.

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