More Teens Got Pregnant In High Schools That Gave Away Free Condoms Without Instructions

New research has revealed a pretty important catch regarding free contraception in high school: the free contraception must also come with instructions on how to actually use it in order for it to be effective at reducing the teen birth rate.

Kasey Buckles and Daniel Hungerman, two researchers from the University of Notre Dame, used data from the 90s, but their analysis uncovered something entirely new. They distinguished between schools that just made sure that free condoms were available and schools that made free condoms available and mandated counseling on how to use the free condoms.

Amongst the schools that had mandated condom counseling, there was either no change in the teen birth rate or “perhaps a decline,” according to the researchers. At the schools that just gave away condoms, however, there was a 10 percent increase in the teen birth rate.

This is not to say that condoms are ineffective and are causing teens across the United States to get pregnant. It does mean that the simple facts and usage guidelines of condoms are incredibly important (a huge “duh,” if you ask me). The regular male condom when used perfectly, has an effectiveness rate of 98 percent.

With typical use, that percentage drops to 82 percent.

In short, this study proves that the United States needs to revamp its sex education for teenagers and include lessons on proper usage of various birth control methods. You know, the things people have been shouting for years now.

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