Kim Kardashian Claims She Went Through OJ Simpson’s Bag During His Murder Trial

In a recent interview with GQ, Kim Kardashian bared more than her famous curves — she revealed some interesting info about OJ Simpson. According to the reality star, she went through one of the biggest pieces of evidence in the OJ Simpson murder trial: his Louis Vuitton bag.

Many believed that Simpson’s bloody clothes, and possibly the murder weapon, were inside that bag.

“I know people said at the time that he [joined Simpson’s defense team] so he couldn’t be called as a witness, because he had that Louis Vuitton bag that supposedly had the [murder] weapon and stuff like that,” said Kim. The day the victims’ bodies were discovered, Kardashian was filmed removing what The New York Times referred to as a “bulging” garment bag from Simpson’s house; the bag was later introduced into evidence empty. “But that bag was sitting at my dad’s house. I remember I went through it. The news was like, ‘Where is this Louis Vuitton bag?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s upstairs.’”

Although, what she found was a lot less incriminating than people who have originally thought.

When asked what was in the bag, Kardashian responded, “Just toiletries and clothes and golf clothes. Just random stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s, like, still in—probably in my dad’s storage.”

Kardashian was a freshman in high school when the trial was going on and once skipped school with her older sister Kourtney to see what was happening in court. Eventually the bag was submitted as evidence for the trial but it was completely emptied out.

Sounds pretty sketchy if you ask me. What do you know Kim? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

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