After a Horrifying Video Went Viral, This Woman Was Forced to Fire Her Babysitter

There’s been countless stories of parental negligence lately, but the latest features an Indiana babysitter who’s now being investigated by the state’s Department of Child Services. After taking a 7-month-old baby to a water park, a woman idiotically let a bucket of water get dumped on the newborn’s head. A nearby mother taped the incident and the video quickly went viral.
Desiree Howell was also at Indiana’s Greenwood Splash Pad with her children when she saw the baby get doused by a bucket of water. She described the baby shaking and screaming after the water hit her, and how the babysitter promptly picked her up and took her away after the incident occurred.

According to Cosmopolitan, “Howell said she saw the babysitter place the infant under the large bucket multiple times; and she called the police out of fear for the child’s safety. She took the video while waiting for officers to arrive.”

In the comments section Howell also claimed that the babysitter forced the infant to walk barefoot on the hot ground, took her on swings that went so high the baby started to be “jerked” around, and sat her down in an area where water comes out of the ground and repeatedly hits you in the face. In posting the video Howell hoped to find the identity of the babysitter and find the child’s mother.

Within a couple hours, that’s exactly what happened.

I was literally hysterically crying,” the baby’s mother, Brittany Dixson, told IndyStar. “I was shaking.”

Dixson reportedly picked up her daughter and promptly fired the babysitter. She immediately took her to the doctor and was told she was fine, but was warned she could have experienced a “dry drowning.”

The babysitter has not yet been arrested, but a representative for the Greenwood Police Department said the case has been sent to the Indiana Department of Child Services for further investigation.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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