Top 10 Things You Should Know Before Dating an English Major

Girls majoring in English are profoundly deep thinkers. We love to analyze and learn, while utilizing creativity to share our thoughts with the world. English majors are expert readers and writers, not to mention thoughtful communicators. So it’s no surprise that English majors have a few relationship quirks of their own. Here are the top ten things you need to know before dating an English major.

We Are Often Lost in Thought

English majors are big believers in profound thinking, and often get lost in it. Don’t be surprised if your English scholar gets lost in their own head or seems to space out every so often. We’re just thinking deeply about the metaphorical resonances about the world around us.

We Love Our Books (Almost) More Than We Love You

We were readers before anything else, probably spending hours reading and finding comfort in words. While our relationships are very important to us, no one has ever been there for us like our favorite books.

Our Reading and Writing Schedule Keeps Us Crazy Busy

Our course workload is intense. You’ll see us lugging around huge backpacks full of Shakespeare and poetry, and pulling countless all-nighters in the library to stay on top of our work.

Caffeine Is Our Best Friend

We need our tea/coffee to power us through long reading nights, or if we’re working on the drafts of our new papers or novel. We may be a bit cranky in the mornings until we’ve had our coffee.

We Need to Read the Book Before Seeing the Movie

Want to take us to the new romcom? Not until we’ve finished the book. It’s a rule.

We Are Chronic Analyzers

Our degree requires us to read deeply into books and works of literature. It’s no secret that we’ll read too deeply into our relationship. After all, we can detect the slightest change in tone or change in mood.

Creative Writing Majors Are Powerful Creators

Perhaps the most creative of the English major variety, creative writing majors are a force to be reckoned with. Always thinking about their next novel or piece of fiction, everything (and I mean everything) becomes fair game for writing material.

We Feel Things Differently

Not only do we analyze and think critically, we also feel things on a more intense and deep level. Our books and characters have moved us to tears, and we are ever so aware of the feelings of people around us.

Our Dream Date is to Barnes and Noble

Book shopping is without a doubt our favorite outing. So take us to Barnes and Noble for a date one day. Let us browse the shelves for as long as we please, and maybe treat us to a new book of our choosing.

Our Celebrity Crush Is (and Always Will Be) Mr. Darcy

Jane Austen’s epic love story Pride and Prejudice depicts the handsome, brooding Mr. Darcy. His adorable awkwardness around his love interest will leave us saying “aww” for days after re-reading a classic tale of romance.

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