6 Fears Every Incoming Freshman Has About College Life

Let’s face it – going to college is a huge decision. With college comes new classes, new friends, new atmosphere…and new fears. A lot of them. But contrary to what you believe, they’re not all bad. Naturally your anxiety can’t be relieved until you actually step foot on campus, but still. We’ve all been there.

Here are the top six fears me all incoming freshmen worry about when heading to college, and why they don’t need to:

Having a psycho roommate


We’ve all heard the stories of having an unbearable roommate. There’s even horror movies based off of that scenario. And for good reason; being randomly assigned to live with a complete stranger is nothing short of nerve-wracking. But the chances of them being actually insane are pretty slim. And if you’re one of the few who do wind up sleeping next to a Patrick Bateman type, you can totally request a dorm transfer.

The Freshman 15


College means freedom and freedom means eating whatever you want all of the time, which is exciting! Until you go up a pants size — or three. Gaining a ton of extra weight is not something we want to check off of our freshman bucket list (unless you’re doing it on purpose in a healthy way). While going to college means unsupervised access to whatever you want to buy at the store, the sugar craze doesn’t last long and you’ll go back to eating vegetables in no time. Not to mention, other students who share the same Freshman 15 fear make great gym buddies.

Sleeping through an exam


This is a classic move in TV shows with college students, where the main character wakes up late and dashes off to their test, only to fail it or not make it on-time to take it. Cue disappointed looks from the professor and a montage of hopelessness. While this scenario isn’t entirely impossible, it’s pretty unlikely. Tests tend to be important grade markers in college, so setting like seven alarms for the morning is fair game for making sure you’re up. You’ll wake up for the important exams, trust us.

Getting lost on campus


Another classic, especially if you’re going to a huge school. When most of the buildings are painted the same shade of beige and you need to get to your Econ 101 class on the other side of campus in under 10 minutes, getting lost becomes a terrifying reality. Unlike freshman orientation, you don’t have a guide and you’re no longer walking leisurely across the campus. But you do have other students to help you out! And if talking to people just isn’t your thing, check for an online map to help you find your way around.

Realizing you’re in the wrong major


This fear can extend beyond freshman year, but hey, first impressions count. If you’re taking classes in your major and find that you’re unhappy/bored/struggling hardcore with them, deciding to change your career path can be an intimidating decision. Even undeclared majors share this fear of deciding what to do with their lives. Talking with other students around you will show that most people feel this way at some point or another, which can be a relief. Academic counselors can also help you make a plan and stick to it.

Not having any friends


The worst of the worst, this fear attacks everyone. Leaving the best friends you grew up with to be surrounded by strangers? Is it too late to sign up for community college at home where everything is a little familiar? Well, don’t. All incoming college students are anxious about not making new friends, so they’re in the same boat as you. Don’t let this fear ruin what could be an amazing first year. Between classes, dorm life, clubs, and being your awesome self, you’ll make tons of new friends as a freshman.

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